Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Replica of a 1793 Flintlock Pistol

Right Side View

Well, it’s been some time since I posted anything.  Sorry for my absence.  Somehow everything else just seems to get in the way.
A few months back, Lynn Doughty carved a character that was carrying a flintlock pistol and did a marvelous set of videos on how to carve the gun itself.

I thought that I’d like to try that myself only make it full size, in keeping with my Springfield Trapdoor Rifle and Remington Cap and Ball Revolver.  With the exception of a few modern, oval-headed wood-screws, the gun is completely fashioned from Basswood.

I scanned Google Images (like usual) and was able to find some very good photos of a flintlock dueling pistol that I thought looked like a good candidate.  The website contained enough views that I was able to print out a complete set of full size images to work from. 

The pistol in question was built by Henry Albright, who was born in 1772 near the town of Lititz in eastern Pennsylvania. He produced his set of matching .45 Cal. flintlock dueling pistols sometime after 1793 but no exact date is known.  Albright was a master engraver of brass and silver inlays as well as a master woodcarver.  Personally, I thought that some of his really fancy details and inlays were a bit much, so I simplified the design to what you see here.  The site even had a picture of Albright’s original engraved autograph and I was tempted to add it to the top of the barrel.  But, to be brutally honest, there are just some things that you can do with a nice hard, curly maple stock or a steel barrel that you just can’t do with soft Basswood, so I didn’t even try.  

Just as in my other two guns, I carved the stock, trigger guard, barrel and lock separately and “let them in” as I would have done if I had been building a “real” firearm.

Here are a few other views of the completed piece:
Left Side View

Close up of the Lock Mechanism

I don't think I'd would like to be hit with a slug coming out of here :-)

Left Hand Plate Detail

'Til Next Time...Keep Makin' Chips!