Saturday, November 29, 2008

OK, let's see how this thing works...

I'm going to try adding a few items just to see how to make the blog works. Every time I get involved in something new like this "they" always change how it is done. Not to make it better,usually, just different. So, here goes... I have been carving now since the early part of 2003 when I went to a meeting of the Chisels and Chips Carving Club in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. I immediately became addicted to carving have have been cranking out pieces at the rate of about 1 a week ever since. Here's a picture of my first piece of an Otter called "Opus 1". Pretty simple, but I really enjoyed carving it.
Over the course of the past almost 6 years I have progressed and have done some relief carving, carved a slew of love spoons, Christmas decorations, some religious carving and a quite a number of caricatures. The latest of which is one that I have entitled "That Eureka Moment". I believe that we have all had at least one. You know where you have just discovered gold or something wonderful like that when suddenly things start to go downhill, FAST! Take a look.
As time progresses and learn more about how to manipulate photos and so on I'll clean up my act and make this blog work coming back to. In the meantime, if you have any comments to make, please do so. I want to make this a popular place for woodcarvers to hang out. Till then, keep makin' chips,
Carvin' Tom

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