Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Guitar-playing Frog

I have a friend that is an *extremely* devoted fan of the singing group, the “Three Dog Night”. She and her husband have attended so many concerts that they are on a first name basis with the entire group. To ensure her anonymity – to say nothing of my longevity -- I’ll just refer to her here as “J”. “J” has quite a number of friends who, likewise, are also *very* devoted “Three Dog Night” fans. Over the past 5 years or so, I have carved quite a few lettered spoons and caricatures (typically, frogs in honor of “Jeremiah Bullfrog”) that “J” has given to these friends for one occasion or another. A number of months ago, “J” asked me to carve something for a friend (apparently) has a really “thing” for the lead guitarist (Michael). We decided on a guitar-playing frog. I carved the frog, but when I went to stand him up I discovered that with the guitar in his hands he wasn’t very well balanced. I needed to add some sort of support to keep him from falling over. So, I decided on adding a stool. Little did I know, since I’ve never actually seen the group in concert, that the guitarist remains seated on a very similar stool for "Blues" tunes but stand up for solos and “when he really gets into it”. I Guess I lucked out and captured the “true essence” of the guitarist. Here he is: My guitar-playing Frog 'Til next time, keep makin’ chips.

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