Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Crown of Thorns

I’ve been very busy with family matters for the past many weeks, so carving has had to take a very remote backseat for a while. Things are starting to mellow out now so I should be back placing blade to wood very soon.

I really hate to go too long without posting “something” and it has already been over a month!  I thought this morning that since Lent just started perhaps I should post a picture of the Crown-of-Thorns that I carved a couple of years ago.

The crown itself was carved out of basswood but when it came to the thorns I knew with the cross grain that they were very likely to snap off if anyone so much as touched them.  So as I carved the branches, I left little “buttons” every place I wanted to put a thorn.  I then carefully drilled a small hole in each button, glued in a little piece of toothpick.  After the glue dried, I carved the buttons down to match the lines of the toothpicks.  The seams are almost impossible to see.  After carving the crown, I mounted it on a piece of Wormy Chestnut that I first distressed and stained a very dark walnut.  The dark wood really sets of the light colored crown. 

Even though I liked the results, It didn't seem appropriate to hang on a wall in our house.  It needed a much better venue.  My wife showed it some her friends.  One, who is a Pastor, was so struck with the piece that he asked to hang it in his church.  And that’s where it really where it belongs…as a reminder for all to see.

I hope you like it.

‘Til next time…Keep makin’ chips!

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Mike Jobe (espeemike on the blogs) said...

you never stop amazing me with your talent Tom... unbelievable brother...