Friday, May 25, 2012

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

The impending nuptials of my son and his lady and my German lessons are dramatically impacting the “blade time” here at Carvin’ Tom’s.  I’m still doing some carving and I will soon have two more spoons to post but for now, assume that this post is kind of a filler.

Recently, I was sifting through my spoon drawings and thought, " You know,  I really should post these patterns so that anyone who is so inclined can use the patterns or some of my “design elements” -- wow! does that sound impressive :-) -- to carve spoons of their own."

So, I first scanned my drawings – I think that there are 31 of them -- into *.PDFs.  I figured that would be the best format for everybody.  Then when I tried to post them I discovered that “Der Blogmeister” doesn’t permit *.PDFs in his Picasa Gallery, only images.  So I reconverted all of the *.PDFs into *.JPGs that I can put into the Gallery with the blessing of the powers that be. 

The originals were all actual size because they were used to trace the pattern directly onto the wood.  Unfortunately, because the originals were on paper of several different sizes, at some point in this process, the actual size of the spoons got lost.  Not to worry!  That is precisely what copiers are very good at doing! 

Just print out the one(s) you like and scale them to the size you would like and reprint them.  Personally, I try to keep all of the non-lettered spoons to about 10” long but the lettered spoons often end up being a little longer just to keep everything in proportion.  I think it would be cool to see one of these spoons that was, say 7 feet (!) long.  So, if the spirit moves you, go right ahead…but send me a picture with something in it to gauge the size!

You will see that some of the non-lettered spoons are what I would refer to as a “standard” design.  Everybody carves them.  I make NO claims on originality on any of these spoons and take NO responsibility for whose they “might have been” or where they “might have come from”.  This is mostly because I couldn’t tell you when or where or how I found them if I had to.  They are all there, free for anyone to use without any compensation.  Well, that’s not completely true.  I would love it if you would send me a photo of your efforts if you decide to use one of the patterns.  I’ll even post it for you, if you would like.

One for the Bench:

Sometimes the only way you can take a really good look at yourself is through somebody else's eyes. - Author Unknown

"Til next time...keep makin' Chips!

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r, henry said...

Thanks for posting the spoon patterns.

R. Henry