Monday, August 27, 2012

I guess I'm just getting Old and Cranky.

There have recently been a couple more examples of people on TV not saying what they think they are saying.   

I know that I shouldn’t let things like this bother me, but any time that I misspeak, fail to update a document correctly or make an error, people are very quick to tell me about it.  So, I guess that means it is OK for me to comment on their blunders here.  

The other day there was traffic accident involving an 18-wheeler as it exited the Pennsylvania turnpike east of Pittsburgh.  It ran off the road injuring the driver but fortunately it came to a stop before plowing into a crowded fast food restaurant located near the bottom of the ramp.  In his/her exuberance, the on-the-scene field reporter remarked that, "The truck nearly missed the restaurant." 

Now I will admit that this is a situation that, had I been asked, I would probably have called this a “near miss”.  But I think that if you nearly miss something you actually hit that something, don't you?   

So, in this case, I'm guessing that the truck didn't "nearly miss" the restaurant but rather it "missed " or "nearly hit" the restaurant?   

I think I can say, without worry of correction, that the reporter "nearly missed" getting this one right:-)

And, since I am blathering on about such things, I keep seeing the contact lens ad that contains one really annoying comment and they don't have the excuse that they were hurrying to get it on the air.  

In the ad I am referring to,  the announcer repeatedly assures the listeners that it is OK to  "Sleep in your contacts".  Even the on-screen "Doctor" uses the expression.

But is that even possible?  Can you actually "sleep in your contacts?"  I think that you would either have to be pretty small in stature or have some pretty big contact lenses to pull off that stunt.

Don't they really mean that it is OK if you "sleep with your contacts in" or “forget to take your contacts out before going to sleep”?  

Come on, Guys!  You're being paid to get this right!

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Micah said...

It's not that you're old and cranky; people should use their own language correctly!