Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Rebuttal to my Previous Effort

I received the following correction for the origin of the name "Toulouse-Lautrec"  from a fellow Punologist.

Seems that a group of amateur rocketeers in France, had been having problems getting their rockets to reach the planned altitude - They kept fiddling with the rockets' design, fuel mixture, adjusting the launch platform, you name it - but no, the hapless vehicles never attained anywhere near their anticipated height.

So, in desperation, they called upon the services of a well-known mechanical engineer to investigate the problem, Monsieur duPeunifié.   After he arrived, he looked over several of the rockets, examined the fuels, then walked over to the launch platform.   He pushed, pulled, prodded and poked various parts of the frame - and at one point, his eyebrows raised... He asked for a wrench, and tightened a few bolts near the bottom of the platform.

Finished, he invited the group to launch their next rocket - et voilà, it flew magnificently into the heavens, amid shouts of joy and adulation for le bon monsieur!

When asked what the problem was, Monsieur duPeunifié, replied in his typically way...  "Too loose - low track!" 

I don't know how long he worked on this one but I have to admit that I think he won this round. 

What do you think?

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