Friday, December 28, 2012

Two Men in the Moon

Over the past few years, I have produced two other carvings using the pattern that I call “The Man in the Moon”.  This pattern was adapted from an image that I found on the Internet probably 8 or 10 years ago.  I think that it has appeared in my blog at some point in the past.

Both of these carvings were gifts to commemorate the birth of newborns -- one of which was our first grandchild -- and to decorate their rooms with something a bit whimsical and to perhaps help induce a little extra sleepiness to the room for the benefit of the weary new parents.
We have some friends in Virginia who were recently blessed with a brand new grandson and we also have a member of our (now) extended family in Germany who is expecting in February, so I dusted off this old pattern to carve a couple more. 

I decided that this might a good opportunity to play around a bit with the design.   I’ll let you decide which one you like best.

The first of these two is somewhat more “dramatic” with his very pronounced eyebrow on the left. :-) 
This is the one that my wife prefers.   

While I like that piece, personally, I like the other carving more.  I was experimenting here with shaping facial features such as dimples, wrinkles, smile-lines and making them more pronounced.  I even added a "philtrum" . case you don't know what a philtrum is, it is the funny little vertical groove located under your nose, right in the middle area of your upper lip -- you can just make it out in the photo to the right).  

I think these added details makes the piece a little more “realistic”, if a cartoon-ish carving of a Man in the Moon could actually be considered realistic.

Not much else to say about these two guys.  Except to say that they are about 9" tall and that I hope you like them!

‘Til next time…keep makin’ chips!

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