Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jasmine, the Sexy Frog

Since things just haven’t gotten moving at our house recently, here’s another Blast from the Past just to show that we’re still alive and bloggin’!

“Jasmine” is yet another in the series of Frog-related pieces -- there had to have been at least a half a dozen altogether -- that I carved waaaaay back in 2008 for a co-worker (You all remember “J”, don’t you?) to give to one of her “Three Dog Night Groupie” friends.

Not too much to say about the young lady at this late date.  The recipient was quite pleased but, from what I understand, has a persona quite unlike the one that Jasmine...well...exudes:-)

One from the Bench:

Know thyself, or at least keep renewing the acquaintance."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Crown of Thorns

I’ve been very busy with family matters for the past many weeks, so carving has had to take a very remote backseat for a while. Things are starting to mellow out now so I should be back placing blade to wood very soon.

I really hate to go too long without posting “something” and it has already been over a month!  I thought this morning that since Lent just started perhaps I should post a picture of the Crown-of-Thorns that I carved a couple of years ago.

The crown itself was carved out of basswood but when it came to the thorns I knew with the cross grain that they were very likely to snap off if anyone so much as touched them.  So as I carved the branches, I left little “buttons” every place I wanted to put a thorn.  I then carefully drilled a small hole in each button, glued in a little piece of toothpick.  After the glue dried, I carved the buttons down to match the lines of the toothpicks.  The seams are almost impossible to see.  After carving the crown, I mounted it on a piece of Wormy Chestnut that I first distressed and stained a very dark walnut.  The dark wood really sets of the light colored crown. 

Even though I liked the results, It didn't seem appropriate to hang on a wall in our house.  It needed a much better venue.  My wife showed it some her friends.  One, who is a Pastor, was so struck with the piece that he asked to hang it in his church.  And that’s where it really where it belongs…as a reminder for all to see.

I hope you like it.

‘Til next time…Keep makin’ chips!