Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Passing of one of the “Good Guys”

Tommy (on the right) and Ray (on the left)

I was greatly saddened to hear this morning that we have lost a really, good guy.  Well…at least someone who could greatly improve the mood a cloudy Saturday morning with his wit and antics... Tommy Magliozzi, the older of the two “Tappet Brothers” on NPR’s Car Talk.  I’ve been a loyal listener for most of the 25 years or so that they have been on the air.  

In case you did not "know" Tommy, he and his brother Ray had an 11 AM (at least here in Pittsburgh) Saturday morning show that ostensibly was about cars and car repairs but as the newscaster said this morning, “…was really more about two brothers who loved life and each other.”  My wife, who is not a car buff by any stretch of the imagination, looked forward to listening to the show any time we were riding around together on a Saturday morning.  One time, she was even able to answer a caller’s question about “spongy brakes” because she had heard a similar question on a previous show and had retained the information.
Anyone who has heard the closing of the show is familiar with their list of fictitious “staff members” with unique names (all puns), like “Picov Andropov”, the Russian Chauffeur.   

When I was first got into wood carving, I did a number of pieces based on these names and I thought that this would be a good time to show them off.  (Note: These were "early works" so I don't feel that they are quite up to my "more recent" standards:-( but I wanted to show them off in memory of Tommy).

Chief of Tire Technology  -- Yessar Itsaflat
Russian Chauffeur -- Picov Andropov....Yep! that's a bottle of Vodka behind him!

Australian Tour Guide -- Joaquin Matilda

Greek Tailor -- Euripedes Imenedes
Head of Buildings and Grounds (not the sharpest pencil in the box) -- Moe D'Lawn

I guess it is fitting to close with a quote...well, no...not one, but actually, two quotes...

Ray:   "Don't drive like my brother!"

Tommy:  "Don't drive like my brother!"  (these make much more sense if you have 
listened to "Car Talk")

'Til next time...Keep makin' Chips!


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