Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How about that! - My blog just went International!

I just found out based on my spiffy new "hit counter" that my Woodcarving blog now has 2 international readers...One from Mexico and one from France.

So "Buenos Dios!" and "Bonjour!".  [Gee, I hope I spelled them right :-) ]

I've had the counter for a couple of weeks but I've seen a reallly big spurt in readership in the last few days.  So,  I'm curious:

  • Did I just get picked up by one of the search engines?  
  • What sorts of things would you like to hear about?  
  • Do people want to see more detailed carving info or just the sort of things that I have been doing already?
  • Let me know how you found my blog.  
'Til next time...Keep Makin' Chips!


Hans said...

I happened to recently find the carverswoodshop blog (from a link on a woodcarvers email list) and found you listed as one of that blog's followers. Thank you for your informative posts.

Bull said...

Hi Tom,
Yes I am a beginner in French sculpture who loves your blog and it gives me pleasure. The best blogs sculptures are on the new continent.
Thanks again and sorry for the translation.
Sincerely Bull

Carvin' Tom said...

Bull, I'm glad you like what you see. Is there anything in particular that you would like me to feature in the future?

Bull said...

Hi Tom,
your blog is great no difference in France's sculpture is not a cowboy that is why I come to you via internet to refresh me. Sorry, my style is different and I would one day know as you carve.

diy said...

What about God's Country- Scotland.?

Carvin' Tom said...


Oops, sorry. I forgot about you. I was going exclusively by the hits on the site counter. I guess the blog has been "international" longer than I thought.

I stand corrected!