Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snowman Plate - a Bad Omen???

I found this pattern in a carving magazine (Woodcarving Illustrated??) last year and decided to make one for my wife this past fall. 

I first turned the plate out of Basswood (about 8" across) and then carved the snowman.  It is done in relief but not in quite the same way as the one in the article.  The snowman's nose is a small piece of dowel rod inserted into the plate.  In the original, the nose was also done in relief and just didn't do a thing for me.  It looked fine, as viewed from the left, but looked terribly distorted, as viewed from the right.

The dots on the scarf were inspired by Lynn Doughty.  The scarf looked very flat and *blaah* without them. It is amazing how such a simple trick makes all the difference.  BTW, he has some *outstanding* how-to-videos that I hardily recommend if you are into *any* sort of carving. (see www.outwestwoodcaving.blogspot.com)

We hung it to the right of the front door for Christmas. But, in retrospect, maybe that wasn't such a good idea...

I'm not saying that I am superstitious, but we got to wondering if hanging a snowman (a la Frosty) somehow invoked the 48" of snow that we received in February (the worst on record here in Pittsburgh).  The "Snowpacalypse" ended soon after we unceremoniously removed it.  ....hmmmmm, I'm not sure he's going back up next year!  :-)

This is me clearing the first 18".  By the time the month ended the poor old snow blower (to say nothing of the poor smuck pushing it) just couldn't throw it high enough to get over the mounds on either side of the driveway.

'Til next time...keep making chips!

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