Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Demon Exorcized

I carved the pictured Snowman plate last year.  Loyal readers are aware of the damage inflicted on the Northeast last February (the snowiest February in the history of Pittsburgh) that was *apparently* the result of our leaving it on the wall next to the front door past the end of the Christmas season.

I say "apparently" because when my wife and finally associated his presence with the massive accumulation of snow, we removed him from the wall and the snow stopped almost instantaneously with  very little snow accumulating after that date.....Hmmmm.

Now as an Engineer with 40 years experience I am not given to believing in hochus-pochus, but in this case I have to admit that I can't argue with the empirical data collected thus far.

We hung the rascal again before Christmas without any undue problems.  We figured that the demon probably has some sort of agreement already worked out with Santa Claus to provide snow for the recipients of skis, snowboards and sleds to try them out.  We vowed to take him down the moment the weather turned bad but Christmas came and went and despite the accumulating snow outside, my wife and I ignored his presence.

Then suddenly, late last week, after about the 20th day of snow in a row, we realized that he was still hanging on the wall.  Immediately, we snatched him off and replaced the hand-carved, wall-hanging with our initials that normally hangs there.  The snow, although still falling, has abated considerably.  In fact, the "Groundhog Day" blizzard that devastated the Midwest and Northeast just went right around Pittsburgh leaving us pretty much unscathed.

Coincidence???  Well, I don't know.  We're going to try him one more chance next year and if he isn't on his best behavior, he's staying in the box with the other Christmas decorations from then on.  Maybe they can rehabilitate him:-)

One For the Bench:

     You do not need a parachute to skydive.  But you do need a parachute to skydive twice.  OK...ok...I admit that's pretty lame, but  it makes about as much sense as this posting:-)

'Til next time...  Stay warm and keep makin' chips!


Anonymous said...

And now we know who to blame! ;-)

Aloha from Arkansas said...

It's a very nice carving - hocus-pocus and all.