Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Social Networks

I guess I'm getting old and cranky but the whole Social Networking thing has me just a little bewildered.  I'm not sure I will ever "get it".

Getting on Facebook is sorta like sending out an invitation to everyone you know saying, in effect:

        "Please send me meaningless e-mails every single day and, while you're at it,
         please have all of your friends also send me e-mails to ask if I would also like
         to have them send me meaningless e-mails everyday, so that I can spend the
         best part of my day shifting through them all looking -- generally in vain -- for 
         the one piece of e-mail that I "might" find interesting."

I will admit that I have received a  few pictures and comments that I have found interesting but they hardly seem worth the effort to locate them.

Is it possible that I am just missing the true meaning of life in the 21st Century?


Mike Jobe (espeemike on the blogs) said...

you got that right Tom, I dont get it either...

Aloha from Arkansas said...

Tom, I believe you and your friend, Mike are in the elite group of people who DO get what Facebbook is about. Frankly, I enjoy selecting friends and meeting people who could be potential friends. I don't want to meet my friends' friends. WHY! There are so many people in the world. That's why I joined my woodcarving club, to meet people with that interest. I have great new friends! Focus on your blog. Many enjoy it - I am sure.

Aloha from Arkansas said...

P.S. Of course, I am one who enjoys your blog.