Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey, We've hit 5000!

Over the weekend the ol' blogcounter finally hit 5000 thanks to all of you loyal readers.

Looking at the statistics, the blog has had hits from all over the world with a surprising number from Asia, eastern Europe and Australia.  I guess they must do a lot of woodcarving in those areas.   I feel particularly honored that in the past few weeks there have been some folks who have spent as much as 45 minutes (!) on the site.  I guess they must have read everything all the way back to the beginning.

Anyway, THANKS, I really appreciate the interest.  I'll try to keep things coming.

Coming Soon!

I don't have it quite done yet -- is this beginning to sound like a broken record? -- but I do have a spoon carving "tutorial" almost ready to post.  I took the time during the carving of my most recent Lettered Lovespoon to take a bunch of pictures as the carving progressed.  I am now wrapping some discussion around the pictures and hope to post it in the next couple of days.  Unfortunately, I don't have the video capabilities that a lot of my fellow bloggers have but I hope you will still find it helpful/interesting.

Thanks again for "tuning in".

One for the Bench:

This one is from my own grand-daughter:  "Mommy, when you talk to yourself, I think you're supposed to whisper."  You gotta love 'em!

'Til Next time...keep making chips!

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