Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another (Larger) Luther Rose


Wow! it has been literally months since I posted anything.  Sorry, 'bout that, Chief!  I’ve been pretty busy.  I have just a short posting today.

In the past I have done quite a number of carvings for groups and individuals to take with them on mission trips to places devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and depressed areas in Appalachia.  

These carvings are, in turn, given either to someone whose house was repaired or rebuilt or as a gift to the church or organization that provided shelter for the mission workers.  The decision is left to the missionaries and is usually decided by a vote on the last evening of their trip.

This “Luther Rose” is being taken this afternoon by a group of 15 youth members of our church to a site in Southern W.Va.  They will be gone for a week.  I wish them all, Godspeed and safe travel until they return next Saturday.

It may be awhile until I post anything.  I'm getting a bright, shiny, new hip on August 6th and I don't know how that is liable to influence such things.

'Til next time...Keep Makin' Chips!


arjun solatorio said...

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Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, would you be willing to sell one of your Luther Rose carvings? I know a faithful Lutheran who would absolutely love one, especially as the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is one the horizon.

Best regards, Lisa

Carvin' Tom said...

Dear Anonymous,

I would be very interested in doing that for a fellow Lutheran. Where are you and how big would you want it to be?

Carvin' Tom

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

We are in Southern Wisconsin. I checked the post and it did not say how big the Luther Rose is in the picture. Does 8-10" diameter sound reasonable?

Perhaps I should drop you an email?


Carvin' Tom said...

Dear anonymous,

That particular carving was about 7-1/4" in diameter simply because most of my stock comes that wide.

Provided you don't mind a seam (they don't really show too much) 8" to 10" would not be a problem. In fact if we're going to have to join two pieces why not go to approximately 14-1/2" (i.e. 2 full widths)?

If you wish to pursue this further write me at

Carvin' Tom