Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Lettered Lovespoon

I was approached a couple of weeks ago to do another love spoon.  

I am used to people just letting me do my thing and this spoon was no exception. The customer gave me the couple's initials but made no other demands on the design.  I've done a couple of "C and G" spoons but contrary to others the lady's name -- which begins with a "C" -- was on top.  

I tried to pin down a "due" date but was told that the couple married late in life and celebrate their "anniversary" every month.  That's kind of a nice thought, don't you think?

I have posted many lettered spoon before so there is not too much new to talk about here.  The open construction of a "C" and "G" required some sort of internal structure.  I elected to use a "twisty" vine to tie them together.

If you go back a couple of posts to the ones on my 1861 Remington Revolver  (Two Cautionary Notes) you will see my warning about attempting to apply paste wax over lacquer because the vehicle in the wax tends to dissolve the paint.  Well, it seems that there is one other "little" wrinkle to the story that I hadn't dealt and that "wrinkle" was about to bite me..  

I had finished sanding the spoon and was starting to apply the wax.  I suddenly realized that something didn't look quite right.  As it turned out, I had failed to discard the rag that I keep in the can for applying the wax.   That rag was now reapplying some of the paint that I wiped off the gun onto the spoon.  Gasp!  

Fortunately, I stopped before I had done more than the front of the bowl, but now there were a number of dark streaks that had to be sanded out.  I wasn't very happy!  But, they did come out with only about 15 minutes of sanding with 220 grit.  Where's the rag now? NOT IN THE CAN ANYMORE you can be sure of that!:-)

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