Friday, January 17, 2014

He Doesn’t Want to be “Monoga-Moose” Anymore

Judging by the big, toothy grin on this guy’s face, I think he is tired of being a  “Monoga-moose” and is seriously interested in finding a young lady moose to spend some quality time with.  Considering what a good-lookin’ hunka Moose-flesh he is, I think he might have a good chance of finding his soul mate.

I am particularly pleased with this piece.  I have produced a couple of “cartoony” moose carvings before, but I feel that this is the first time that I have managed to get a true caricature of a moose -- or any other animal for that matter.
But, once again I can’t take all of the credit.  Through the wonderful world of the Internet and the fact that most woodcarvers post pictures of their work, years ago I found a picture of a carved, love-struck moose that had fallen in love with a tree stump whose twisted branches had a certain “lady moose-ish” sort of flair.  Thanks to whoever you are for the inspiration.

I carved this little guy for my Daughter-in-law.  A couple of months ago – yes…sigh…I’m that far behind in my postings -- I was showing off a little diorama (circa 2004) entitled “Love in Bloom” (see below).  The characters were Morton, the very shy male moose, Juanita, the not-so-shy lady moose and the little guy on the stump who just couldn’t stand to watch what was about to happen, Seymour Squirrel.  “G” asked if I could carve her a moose and how could I refuse:-).

Love in Bloom with Morton, Juanita and Seymour

Not much to say about the piece other than I like it.

 ‘Til next time…and I’ll try not to make it quite so long…keep makin’ chips!

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