Thursday, February 27, 2014

Following in his Footsteps

Spring is coming! -- At least I think so…no...let’s make that “I hope so”, this cold weather is getting kinda old – but the arrival of Spring marks the start of another mission trip season. 

In case you’re wondering what woodcarving and mission trips have in common, it is this:  For about 8 or 10 years now I have been making a carving for the groups to take with them. Typically, all the members of the group sign the piece on the back.  The last night they all get together after dinner and decide who is to receive the carving.  Sometimes the group will present the carving to the church or organization that provided the lodging/meals for the mission workers but often the story of one family or individual touches the hearts of the mission workers in such a way that they want to give the carving as a special gift to that family or individual.

One of the groups that I have made quite a number of carvings for is first on the mission trip calendar for this year.  Unlike other years, they are not venturing far afield but are staying right here in Pittsburgh to help out some of those in need of aid here at home.

The leader and I get together a month or so ahead of time to decide what the theme should be.  This year neither of us had any good ideas.  The leader sent me a copy of the mission group’s logo.  It depicts a work boot stepping out to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate.  While that is a nice strong sort of symbol to have as a logo, I thought it was not a fitting idea for a carving.  So I modified the image to be a work boot following in the footsteps of the leader of us all.

I later changed the boot to a sneaker to “soften” the image a bit and also to acknowledge that fact that many mission workers are women and teenagers.  The little brass plaque wasn't done yet when I took the picture, so I sorta had to fake that.

So here it is:  “Following in his Footsteps…”

'Til next time...Keep Makin' Chips!

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