Monday, February 10, 2014

My Revolver Now has a Home!

I’ve been just a little, tiny bit nervous to take my hand carved revolver anywhere to show it for fear that *someone* might (a) damage it by picking it up and handling it (it’s really pretty fragile) or (b) might mistake it for "real" and just maybe doubt the motivation for my visit (yikes!). 

Having it safely ensconced in a handsome wooden case protects the carving and puts  me a bit more at ease on both counts. 

A good friend of mine who owns K.A. Models here north of Pittsburgh dropped off the presentation case for my gun this afternoon.  He and I have worked together on quite a number of projects and there was no one else that I would have preferred to build this case for me.  I recommend him highly!

The beautifully dovetailed case is made from nearly 100 year old wormy chestnut.   The only thing that is missing is a brass plaque to describe what viewer is looking at (I’ll have to get one made and install it ASAP).  

The black background is “flocked” to eliminate reflections and to accentuate the piece.

The cover “glass” is scratch resistant Lexan.  He even built a small stand for it so it will sit up very nicely in the curio cabinet.

I couldn’t be more pleased!

Thanks, Ken!

In other news, I have been madly rebuilding my shop and the project is starting to wind down.  I hope to soon have photos and descriptions to share.  Stay tuned! 

'Til next time...Keep makin' Chips!

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