Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Rainbow and the Dove

This is my carving for an upcoming mission trip by the Beulah Presbyterian Church (of Monroeville, PA) to "Katrina-land".  It will be presented as a gift to the homeowner that they work for down there.

I've done a number of pieces for this group for past mission trips, notably "the Hands of Hope" (see an earlier post.)

Since the inhabitants of Louisiana and Mississippi suffered from "a Flood", it seems that the choice of a dove and rainbow for the subject matter is the best one so far.

From inside to outside of the rainbow, the woods are:

1) Mahogany,
2) Paduak (I'm not sure that is spelled right),
3) hickory (man is *that* hard!),
4) Cherry

'Til next time...Keep makin' chips!

1 comment:

Gina said...

The gift you have, has blessed every person who has recieved them!Jeff brings back very moving stories from the people who recieved your woodcarvings.God bless your ministry,
Gina Gelpi