Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Stay at Homes

Way back in Christmas 2008, I received a wonderful book of Norman Rockwell paintings from my son.   Rockwell is probably my favorite painter (although he would say "illustrator" because that was the nature of his training) of all times.  As you turn the pages, each painting is better than the one before it.

"The Stay at Homes" (to the left here) really got to me and I decided that I really  "needed" to carve my interpretation of the painting.

I soon realized that there was no "reasonable" way that I could explain the reason for the the wistful, seaward look of the old sea captain and his grandson.  (Remember, this is *my* interpretation so I can read *anything* I want to into the picture.)

Somehow I needed a way to tell the viewer what was going on in this piece and why they were looking at the *backsides* of these guys.  So I gave the grandson a old fashioned "spyglass" and his very own sailboat.  The dog is sitting down because I couldn't figure out how to carve such skinny little legs on the cross-grain.

Here's my carving to the left.  That is the view I intended and the way it sits in the curio cabinet. There is a small print of Rockwell's work right next to mine

Now before you ask, here is what does the other side looks like.

 I'm sorry that it has been so long between postings.  But, I have been carving up a storm of late and I have several more pieces to post. Stay tuned...

'Til next time...keep makin' chips.

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