Thursday, May 26, 2011

The “R” and “X” Lovespoon

Here is the latest and greatest, hot off the Letter Lovespoon production line down here at the Carvin’ Tom blogsite: A wedding shower gift for the Son and future Daughter-in-law of some good friends of ours.  Actually, “hot off the production line” is a “bit” of a stretch.  This is one of several pieces that I have been sitting on for weeks waiting for it to be presented…just two more pieces to go, now!

It follows my standard convention: the Lady’s initial on the top and the Gentleman’s initial on the bottom.  There is not really too much else to comment on.  It was carved from basswood, but what did you expect? 

As long time blog readers already know, I always try to come up with some new way to interlock the initials in the handle of the spoon, as a symbol of the, in this case “newly” -- but often “not so newly” -- interlocked lives, but I let the letters themselves that tell me how they want to be "hooked together".

I was surprised and delighted, as I started to draw this one up, how nicely her “R” just flowed right on down into his “X”.  I’ve never had that happen for me before – of course, I’ve never used an “X” before:-)  The existence of this nice smooth transition may, perhaps, indicate that somehow I have managed to impart copious amounts of “Karma” into the spoon, but I’m betting that it was probably just one of those things that drops out of each set of initials.  I didn't notice until just now that "R" really has her arm locked around "X".  That is probably a good sign, too.

Anyway, I like it and I hope you do, too, but most of all, I hope that “R” and “X” like it.  

And “R” and “X”, if  you are reading this, I wish you many years of joyful, wedded bliss.  I happen to know from personal experience that it actually is possible.

One From the Bench:

     Fear less and hope more.
     Eat less but chew more.
     Whine less and breathe more.
     Talk less but say more.
     Hate less and love more.
     Do these things and all good things will be yours.  

                 A Paraphrased Swedish Proverb

'Til next time...Keep makin' chips!!!