Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relax, this is the last "So how did that come to be said" for awhile

With the recent closing of the Roy Rogers Museum, for old times sake I feel that it is only fitting to relate the events following Roy’s 50th birthday.

Dale presented him with a brand new set of fancy cowboy boots to replace the pair that he had worn through most of his movies up to that date.

Roy was very pleased but decided that before he would wear them he would give them a good coating of oil to seal them.  He applied a liberal coat and sat them on the back porch to dry and went to bed.

When he went to put them on the next morning he discovered that they have been badly chewed and basically ruined.  The paw prints in the back yard indicated that the culprit was in all likelihood the mountain lion that had been seen recently in the area.

Furious that his new boots had been destroyed, he got his rifle, saddled up Trigger and rode off in the direction of the tracks. 

By noon he had managed to find and dispatch the lion.  Remembering that there was a bounty on the lion and figuring that the reward would just about pay for a new set of boots, he threw the lion over his saddle and rode back home.

As he approached the ranch house, Dale went out to greet him and spoke the words that people still (occasionally) sing today: 

        “Pardon me, Roy.  Is that the cat the chewed your new shoes?”

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